4 Questions to Ask When Buying Natural Rubs

Grand View Research expects the global seasoning and spices market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.3% between 2020 and 2027. Although whole spices last longer than rubs and seasonings, they’re more challenging to store. They also don’t offer the same aroma, texture, and flavor to your dishes as rubs do. An easier alternative is to buy the best quality, all-natural rubs that are freshly sourced and have the right mix of spices. 

If you enjoy the taste of natural and fresh herbs, here are four questions you must ask before purchasing them:

What is the shelf life of natural rubs?

For all-natural seasonings, the shelf life is usually six months. You can usually keep whole spices for a year longer. Dry rubs don’t spoil. However, beyond the shelf life, their flavors are less potent. You can safely store natural rubs such as cumin, coriander, peppercorns, allspice, cardamom, but for your favorite spices, it’s better to try and find fresh sources or get a monthly subscription. 

How do you prevent spices from clumping?

Spices that have sugar or salt will agglomerate in humid climates. Clumped rubs lose their texture and flavor. You must look for seasonings packed in air-tight containers, as it protects the content from changes in the climate. 

Many spice manufacturers also use Silicon Dioxide as an anti-caking agent. However, it diminishes your seasoning’s all-natural quality. You must ask what your provider uses to prevent all-natural seasoning from clumping. Rice concentrate is an effective natural solution, as it grabs moisture and helps prevent caking.

What is the best way to store rubs?

Most companies provide storing instructions on labels of rub containers. You must store your spices in a cool and dry place as moisture can easily ruin a seasoning. You must also keep them in a closed cabinet or dark containers, away from direct sunlight. Always use air-tight containers, zippered plastic bags, or containers with well-fitting lids to store dry rubs. 

Should I buy rubs in bulk?

Rubs go stale and lose their color when stored for a long time. You must always purchase your favorite seasonings in smaller amounts to enjoy their authentic color and flavor. Prepare a list of frequently-used spices and purchase them as per your needs. At Dollar Rub Club, we understand the importance of fresh seasonings and offer a customized monthly subscription. It allows all customers to get their packets of fresh rubs delivered to the doorstep every month. 

About Dollar Rub Club 

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