5 Spices to Complement Meat Dishes

Seasoning meat can be challenging to get right for beginners. But with fresh spices like basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, and sage, you can subtly enhance the flavor of your meat dishes and make them incredibly delicious. Although flavors are subject to individual taste, experimenting with various spice mixes is the key to finding the flavor that works for you. 

Here we give you a low-down on the five rubs that will add an authentic flavor to your meat dishes:


Basil is a bright and potent flavor that’s sweet and slightly minty. It pairs well with the deep natural flavors of meat dishes. Adding it towards the end of the cooking will  brighten the dish and add a new dimension of flavor.

Always use fresh basil leaves or freeze them in ice cube trays. Basil usually becomes black and tasteless over time as it does not dry well. You can use a freezer bag to store them for longer durations. 


Rosemary is a classic herb with a piney flavor. It pairs wonderfully with heavy or greasy-flavored meat. You can use rosemary for dishes that are cooked for long periods. Home-grown rosemary tastes much better than commercially available herbs.


Sage beautifully complements turkey or chicken, but it’s also a delicious addition to other holiday recipes. It adds a fragrant aroma and warm taste to the stronger flavors of a beef dish. Like rosemary, sage can also be grown indoors but requires adequate lighting to thrive. Both fresh and dried sage spices work well in chicken or meat recipes. 


Thyme is a versatile rub that is best-known for its traditional association with beef dishes. You can use it to prepare garlic and onion pastes or in combination with sage. It adds richness and depth to the dish. People grow several varieties of thyme indoors on the window sill, with lemon thyme being the most common. You can use it in the broth for slow-cooked meat or add it towards the end.


People generally use parsley only as a garnish, but it’s a tasty herb that can hold its flavor when added at the end of cooking. It brightens up the dish and adds a fresh flavor to the meat dishes. Some varieties can grow in the water, while others require healthy soil and proper sunlight. 

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