Our Passion

Dollar Rub Club was founded on our passion for cooking with natural ingredients while expanding our knowledge on international flavors. Since most recipes ask for small amounts of each ingredient, we realize buying fresh herbs can be costly and much of it goes to waste. 

Recipes may call for dried spices like anise or turmeric that might be used a few times a year, or sumac which isn’t always carried at your local grocer. Finding all-natural rubs or seasonings can be a challenge since many contain unnecessary preservatives and additives. As consumers, having choices is appreciated, however quality shouldn’t be sacrificed in pursuit of the perfect dish.

Dollar Rub Club makes it easy. The only choice to make is the collection or blends that best aligns with your lifestyle. Our Robust Universal Blends and Seasonings will be delivered to your door hassle free. The goodness within can be applied to several different cuts of meat, poultry, fish, eggs as well as potatoes, vegetables and tofu!