Why Dollar Rub Club?

If you enjoy chillin and grillin, jokin and smokin, flashin and fryin, shakin and bakin, boastin and roastin, soilin and broilin, clearin and searin, slayin and sautéin, keggin and eggin, twerkin and jerkin, poppin and choppin, well... this is for you!

Dollar Rub Club is dedicated to providing you with a collection of rubs and seasonings that are sure to please. We personally take the time to source and develop all of our collections in order to continuously bring you blends that are diversified not only in taste but also in application.


What’s in the box?

Our boxes contain a collection of 100% All Natural Rubs and Seasonings delivered to you at your home or office. Always Non-GMO, No MSG and no artificial preservatives or fillers. 

We do not use anything artificial in our seasonings so natural clumping may occur. Many of the brands you see on the shelves in the store have additives to prevent the blends from caking, which eliminates the health factor. Many of our Rubs have brown sugar and as we all know, it tends to clump naturally. So, no big deal having to break up some clumps knowing its a natural process, right!  

Be sure to store your seasoning mixes in a cool, dry place in order to retain freshness. Stay well seasoned! 


How does shipping work?

Well, it's FREE for all of our subscription!!! Yayyyy..... Boxes are shipped around the 3rd of every month and should be received within 5 to 7 business days. 

If you decide to buy some rubs or choose a gift box, shipping is calculated at checkout and shipped within 5 business day of your completed purchase. 


Do you offer expedited shipping?

Yes we do! Just choose the option that best suits your needs at checkout and we’ll send the product your way!

Please note: If you choose this option for subscription box purchases, your monthly charge schedule may change to fall in line with our monthly delivery schedule after you receive the first expedited delivery.


When will I receive my first subscription box?

When you Rubscribe by the the 2nd of the month you will receive your first box by the 10th. When you Rubscribe after the 2nd of the month you will receive your first box the following month by the 10th. 

- Rubscribe on Jan 2nd or before, receive your first box by Jan 10th.

- Rubscribe  Jan 3rd or after, receive your first box by Feb 10th.   


How does billing with subscriptions work?

The card on file will be charged on the 27th of every month. This allows any unforeseen issues to be communicated and corrected so you don't miss out on the next months amazing blends!


How do I update my Credit Card info? 

Create an account, log in and click on Manage Subscriptions on the top left, then click on Billing Information. Click update card, fill out the new CC info and save. You’re all set to continue receiving your Rubscription!


Can I skip a month?

Absolutely! Simply login into your account, click on Manage Subscriptions, Delivery Schedule and choose Skip.


How do I cancel my Rubscription? 

With Dollar Rub Club there is no contract, so you can cancel at any time. Although it saddens us to see you go, you can do so by creating an account, clicking on Manage Subscription on the top left, selecting Cancel under Action.

The great thing is, you can reinstate your Rubscription at any time by logging back into your account. Please take a minute and provide us with some feedback so we can continue improving.  Thank you for your support!