What You Get

Dollar Rub Club is a monthly subscription box, filled with All-Natural Rubs and Seasonings delivered to your door hassle-free. 

Every month, you will receive a NEW High Quality, All-Natural, Diverse Blend that you can put on a variety of dishes. The goodness within can be applied to several cuts of meat, poultry, fish, eggs as well as potatoes, vegetables and tofu.

We take great pride in sourcing and developing the different blends you receive every month. No more having to go to the store to try and figure it out. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the surprise inside every box!

Beginner or seasoned pro, it's cooking made simple and healthy while experiencing something new and exciting!

How Does it All Work You Ask?


Go ahead and try something different every month, with our Robust Universal Blends & Seasonings.

Sure, we are all creatures of habit and we stick with what we like.

But when you think about it, it all started by trying something different. At Dollar Rub Club we built our philosophy on exactly that, because once we ventured outside the norm we experienced and enjoyed so much more.

It's perfectly okay to like more than one! 


Whether you just started cooking or have skills that give thrills, we have something for you!

Our all natural, rubs and seasonings are sure to bring the diversity and culinary edge your dishes have been waiting for. 

Feeling the vibe? Then go ahead and Rubscribe! You can do so by using any of the conveniently scheduled pop up reminders ;) or by using the button below. 



Every culinarian, grill, fryer, stove top and oven is different. With so many different ways to cook, the possibilities are endless...

Great news! Dollar Rub Club makes it easy. Every blend is crafted and designed to be applied in a variety of different ways. 

Possible uses are printed right on the label so our universal blends can be applied quickly and easily. 

Once you receive the rub of your life, just season the dish to your liking, cook to your desired temperature and enjoy!


Dollar Rub Club is a worldly flavor of love. 

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